• Cooperativa agrícola dos olivicultores de Murça
    Cooperativa agrícola dos olivicultores de Murça


Cooperativa agrícola dos olivicultores de Murça

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The Agricultural Cooperative of growers Murça, CRL (CAOM), founded in 1956, is embedded in a region with high tradition in the production of oil, part of the region with Protected Designation of Origin under the name "Oil of Tras-os-Montes". Throughout its history has been a pioneer in various agricultural practices that have allowed the production of high quality olive oil, combining the techniques of production to processing technology, which have translated into great results on the quality of oil obtained.

The improvements will developed further, having gambled in the marketing of oil in containers that best fit the needs of consumers and facilities, from the smallest to clients with high quality requirement, until higher capacity packs for regular customers.
The mission of CAOM was, and is, to provide consumers with high quality olive oil, guiding themselves by the highest standards of selection of olives in order to keep the oil as a 100% natural and healthy product.

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  • Red Wine Vinegar

    Red Wine Vinegar


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