Wine Tourism

Wine Tourism
Wine Tourism

Do you want a unique experience? Do You like wine? We make your personalized wine tour!!

If you are a couple wanting a romantic wine country getaway, or a group of friends looking for a fun and relaxing week of gastronomic discovery in Portugal, we can arrange an exciting wine and food tasting experience in the different wine regions, you just need to talk to us.

We have a variety of services:
- Harvest
- Wine tasting
- Visits to farms and wineries
- Accommodation in the farms
- Local gastronomy
- Wine Region Tours
- Horse riding on farms
We offer good prices and a big range of areas: Douro, Alentejo, Lisbon, Vinho Verde wine region or what you want to see.
We plan your itinerary with the best quality of each region, the best accommodations, wonderful experiences that will stir your senses.

Why Portugal?

Portugal is a country with a very large and varied wine production. We have two wine producing regions protected by UNESCO as World Heritage: the Douro Valley Wine Region (Douro Vinhateiro) and Pico Island Wine Region (Ilha do Pico Vinhateira). Portugal has a large variety of native breeds of grapes (about 500), producing a very wide variety of different wines with distinctive personality.

Why The Portuguese Wine to plan your tour?

While many travel companies offer wine tours in the midst of another kind of vacation, The Portuguese Wine has one sole occupation: creating and operating impeccable luxury tours to the Portuguese wine country. With our knowledge of Portuguese wine regions, we do the hard work and handle every detail – from the moment you arrive to when you leave. We specialize in all Portuguese wine regions, providing guests with the unique insider’s perspective only a Portuguese wine tour specialist can provide.
Travellers can choose from various regions and tour the most exclusive estates, participate from harvest to horse riding. Tours can be multi regional and include deluxe accommodations at the finest hotels or private farms, expert guides and luxury transportation.
Find out some of the most outstanding wine tourism destinations waiting for you!

For more information, please contact:
Contact: +351 252 610 304
Skype: portuguesewine

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