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Extra Virgin


The production area of the Oliveiras Gold Portugal’s olive oil is in the northeast of Portugal, in the Trás-os-Montes region. In this area, the schistose soil, the hot sunny days and the cold and humid nights create exceptional conditions for growing olives.

Our olive oil results from the hard work, patience, nourishing and dedication of small farmers from this region, who dedicate themselves to the cultivation of olive trees through extensive farming.

The harvest of the olives is carefully made by traditional methods combined with modern systems of mechanical vibration which ensure that the pure and natural characteristics of the olives are kept unaltered. The time from the harvest to the extraction of the olive oil is as short as possible, in a way to prevent the oxidation and fermentation of the fruit, given that from that, depends, in a great manner, the quality of the olive oil. The entire extraction process is carried out under a tight control of all stages of production. Only mechanical cold press methods are used during the extraction.

It is this unique combination of people, methods and knowledge that makes possible the creation of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with exceptional flavor, complex composition and very low acidity.

Products from this Producer (2)

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    Premium Top Olive Oil

    Trás-os-Montes Extra Virgin
  • Seleção Extra Virgin

    Seleção Extra Virgin

    Trás-os-Montes Extra Virgin

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