North Alentejo

Olive Oil from North Alentejo has its roots in Evora. The main olive varieties are Galega Vulgar, Carrasquenha and Redondil.

Olive oils from this region  are thick, golden or green coloured and combine fruits of different varieties with tones of apple and other ripe fruit.


The region of Moura, is located on the left side of the River Guadiana. Moura is recognised for its olive oil production and Protected Designation of Origin.
Olive oil from Moura is made from the following varieties:  Cordovil de Serpa, Galega Vulgar and Verdeal Alentejana. It is a very fruity, bitter and spicy olive oil with a yellowish green colour, widely used and acclaimed for its quality.

There is even a saying about the quality of this olive oil “As fine as Moura olive oil”.

Alentejo Interior

Olive Oil from Alentejo Interior, results from the combination of a very particular soil and climate. The olive oil is gold or green coloured  with fruity flavours of green or ripe olives as apple and fig, adding a sweet taste to the olive oil.

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