Açores is mostly famous for producing fortified wines

Açores are an archipelago composed by nine islands.
The climate is mild and moist across the all year. There are active volcanos, crater lakes, waterfalls and Portugal's highest mountain ― Island of Pico, composing a perfect background.
Vines are planted into rock or poor volcanic soils. Most of the vines grown on the islands are American species. Musky wine known as vinho de cheiro or ‘fragrant wine’ is very appreciated by the islanders as well as natives living abroad.
The Açores have no DOP regions, but do have three IPR regions (DOPs waiting recognition): Pico, Biscoitos and Graciosa.

The wines are made from the following grapes:
- Verdelho
- Arinto
- Terrantez
- IPR Graciosa, unfortified white wine made from the same three grapes plus Fernão Pires and Malvasia Fina

More Vinho Regional Açores is made today than IPR. This cool climate is ideal for producing white wine, but there is some good red wine too, along with  some Merlot.

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