Lisboa has a great variety of wines due to the different microclimates within the region

What you should know about Lisboa:
- Most wine is produced in co-operatives
- A very wide variety of styles and qualities
- Vinho regional is predominant
- There are nine DOC regions within Lisbon

DOC region of Alenquer
- Warm climate
- Grapes ripen well
- Red wines have top quality

Doc Arruda
- Protected behing hills
- Warm climate

Doc Torres Vedras
- Cooler and windier

This three DOCS allowed new grapes in 2002, namely:
- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Touriga Franca
- Syrah
- Sauvignon Blanc
- Chardonnay

DOC Bucelas
- Fresh, crisp, dry, mineral white
- Made with a minimum of 75% Arinto
- There is also sparkling Bucelas

DOC Óbidos
- Windy and cold
- Ideal conditions for producing sparkling wines
- Some of the best sparkling wines in Portugal come from Óbidos

Doc of Lourinhã
- Windy and cold
- Grapes ripen not very easily, and for that reason only brandies are produced

DOC Encostas de Aire
- Largest Doc region in Lisboa
- Rich reds and modern whites

DOC Colares and Carcavelos
- Small quantities of fortified sweet wine are produced in Carcavelos
- From Colares come High-acid wines from red Ramisco grapes, and flavoured whites made from Malvasia

Lisboa Region - main traditional white varieties
- Arinto
-Fernão Pires

Lisboa Region - main traditional red varieties
-Alicante Bouschet
-Tinta Miúda
-Touriga Franca
-Touriga Nacional

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