Madeira is recognised for producing complex and unique wines

What you should know about Madeira:
Madeira's fortified wines have great longevity ― they can last for more than two centuries.
The island has mild temperatures all year round. Grapes have high acidity – a distinguishing feature across all Madeira wines.

Madeira grapes are known as ‘noble’ varieties:
- Sercial
- Verdelho
- Boal
- Malvasia
- Terrantez (unusual)
The first four grapes are traditionally vinified to provide different degrees of sweetness in the finished wine: dry, medium-dry, medium-sweet and sweet.
Terrantez results in fine, dry wines with accentuated acidity.

Tinta Negra, occupies 80% per cent of the island’s vineyards which is made into fortified wines. Many table wines are also produced in the island. 

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