vinho verde

One of the most unique and brilliant wine regions of Portugal, with beautiful green landscapes

What you should know about Vinho Verde:

- Biggest Doc of Portugal
- Weather is cool and wet
- The wine stands out for its acidity
- Modern vineyards

Vinho Verde is renowned for its white wines, taste depends on the grape varieties used:
- Alvarinho (sub region of Melgaço and Monção, climate is warmer and drier): fine, mineral, subtly fragrant
- Loureiro: floral
- Trajadura: steely
- Arinto( Pedernã): mineral
- Avesso: creamy and mineral
- Azal Branco (declining in popularity): usualy blended with more aromatic grapes

Most famous red grapes:
- Borraçal
- Brancelho
- Espadeiro
- Vinhão

Most white Vinho Verde is light, crisp and aromatic, often with a light prickle of fizz, sometimes with a touch of sweetness.
There are nine sub-regions: Monção, Melgaço, Lima, Basto, Cávado, Ave, Amarante, Baião, Sousa and Paiva.

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