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  • Quinta da Aveleda
  • Quinta da Aveleda


The history of the Quinta da Aveleda estate is lost in time, but there are countless records of this estate after the 16th century.
Aside from its important architectural heritage, the Quinta da Aveleda estate is also appreciated for its parks and gardens, where rare species of trees flourish, some of which have been around for over a hundred years.
Aveleda was awarded the international Best of Wine Tourism 2011 award, in the “Architecture, Parks and Gardens” category.

Aveleda is a name which spans several generations. The first records of the sale of bottled wine date back to 1870, with Manuel Pedro Guedes (1837-1899).
Today the 5th generation of the Guedes family runs the company, always committed to maintaining this family legacy which spans several generations.

• Guided visit followed by a wine and cheese tasting (2 wines and 2 cheeses) – this program takes around 1h00.
• Guided visit followed by a special wine and tasting (we have several options at disposal) - this program takes around 1h00 to 1h30.
• Guided visit followed by a wine and typical tidbit – this program takes around 2h00 to 2h30.
• Guided visit followed by lunch at Aveleda estate – this program takes around 2h30 to 3h00.

Quinta da Aveleda is able to host a wide range of events: product presentations/launches, team-building activities, workshops, show cooking, as well as themed lunches and dinners.

  • Quinta da Aveleda
  • 4560-570 PENAFIEL | PORTUGAL
  • GPS: Lat: 41║ 12' 27.51'' N / Long: 8║ 18' 29.28'' O
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