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Quinta do Portal is a family fine winemaking company that embraced with passion the “Boutique Winery” concept. We proudly produce DOC Douro wines, premium Port Wines and Moscatel. This project that started in the early 90’s of the XX century, had on its base a centenary estate where our family has been producing Port since the last years of the XIX century. Our commitment to the production of quality wines has been, since the first moment, the heart and soul of Quinta do Portal. This effort, passion and dedication have been recognized both at a national and international level during the course of the years.

Wine Tourism

At Casa das Pipas we have gathered at a unique place the double essence of the Douro: The Vine and the Wine.
Our house is located between the vineyards. Vineyards that are so close we can almost touch them from the terrace or the pool deck.
There are magnificent views of the mountainous Douro cutting the horizon and challenging the sky.
Our offer is complemented with Casa do Lagar, that results from the restoration of a traditional olive oil mill and press.


At Casa das Pipas we have 12 rooms facing South, a large outdoor swimming pool, children swimming pool, panoramic living room, fitness room and wine library. All in a cozy environment in order to allow you to have a unique experience.
At Casa do Lagar, built in an old olive oil mill and press we have 4 rooms, being 2 of them familiar with 4 beds, ideal for families with children.
You can come help us picking grapes during the harvest and learn more about the unique wines of the Douro.


Explore the uniqueness of the Douro wine region in multiple ways and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes to understand why UNESCO classified the Douro as a World Heritage site.

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