Moscatel Moscatel (Muscat) grapes are turned into sweet, fortified wine in the Douro and Peninsula de Setúbal. The majority of fortified Moscatel is commercialised young and fruity. Aged Moscatel develops nuttier figgy flavours.

Food and Wine Pairing

Fortified Moscatel with aromas of orange, lemon flowers and grapes are perfect matches for a range of desserts and sweet dishes such as puddings, Pavlova and other meringue desserts. They are also brilliant with mince pies or at the end of the meals  with nuts or preserved fruits.

Pico and Biscoitos

Pico and Biscoitos have marked, tangy acidity, and reveal nutty flavours. These can be dry, medium or sweet.

Food and Wine Pairing

These wines are best drunk chilled as an aperitif, with cheese, nuts or with other type of nibbles, after the meals.

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