Light, refreshing and fruity white wines

This type of wine comes mainly from the north west of Portugal. White wines have a unique style ― low alcohol and high, fresh acidity. Vinho Verde means ‘green wine’, this is, a young wine. Vinho Verde, may also be fizzy.
This wine is made from many different grape varieties, some more flavoured than others. Sometimes these are blended together, resulting in dry or semi-dry wines.

Food and Wine Pairing

Ideally white wines are to drink young, from the latest vintage. These wines are mostly consumed during summer, but are also great throughout the year.
White wines go really well with salads, seafood and fish. They are a great choice when it comes to South East Asian cuisines.

Full-bodied white wines

Full-bodied whites are higher in alcohol and richer in texture, and are produced in regions where summers are prominent .
Wines from Alentejo are soft and rich, whereas from Douro are more intense and mineral.
In Portugal there are many indigenous grape varieties, that regardless of the climate conditions , keep their acidity.

Food and Wine Pairing

Full-bodied wines are usually enriched by fermentation in oak. These wines go well will strong food flavours and richer foods. The wines that have a strong oaky flavour, are difficult to match with food, but can go really well with smoked foods.

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