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Olive Oil Types:

Extra Virgin


al Canet olive oil comes from olives of centenarian olive trees in the region of Alcanede, old village in central Portugal, at Serra de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park. Located about 250 meters of altitude, this area is marked by a soft land relief, mild climate and benefits from both Mediterranean and Atlantic environment.
Here predominates small property groves,where it is still possible to find the "scattered olive trees“, true enclaves in courelas, vestigesof a centuries-old subsistence agriculture.
The properties are often bounded by walls of limestone - cerrados - patiently constructed by man´s hand for centuries and where the cattle coexists with the olive trees.
The vegetation records traces of oak, holm oak, rosemary, lavender and other species of aromatic and medicinal interest.
The olive tree associated with annual crops, is the dominant component of non spontaneous vegetation.

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    al Canet

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