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Extra Virgin


"Our roots have great value to us.
We know that the Olive Oil Quinta Vale do Conde that we produce nowadays is the result of the legacy that my family has left us.
We have a Commitment to this Land.
The centenary olive grove and the experience of many generations dedicated to olive oil and the lands of São Pedro de Vale do Conde, a privileged place within the PDO region of Trás-os-Montes, allow the production of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil of intense aromas, fruity flavor and extreme complexity, whose quality has been highlighted by the most prestigious experts."

The Brand

We believe in the potential of this valley. We want to celebrate it, producing a unique olive oil that respects and promotes this land where it is born and gains character. Never losing sight of our commitment, we intend to introduce the necessary innovations that will place the olive oil of Trás-os-Montes in the map of the best olive oils in the world. We want the brand QUINTA VALE DO CONDE to be a guarantee of the quality and specificity of the olive oil of our VALLEY in a market that is not often as demanding as we are.

The Awards

Awards won in the most prestigious competitions, both national and international, recognize the work we have been doing.
They are an extra element in our Story.
They have a very special taste to us, because they represent the recognition at the highest level of our hard work and commitment to the constant struggle for quality.

Recent Awards

International Extra Virgin Oil Competition, 2014 Gold Medal Award

Terra Olivo Competition, Israel, 2013 Gran Prestige Gold

Oil China Competition, 2013 Gold Medal

New York Olive Oil Competition, 2013 Gold Medal

Sol D´Oro, Verona, Itália, 2013 Gran Menzione

DerFeinschmecker Olivenöl Guide, Alemanha, 2013 Selection

Terra Olivo Competition, Israel, 2012 Prestige Gold

Oil China Competition, 2012 Bronze Medal

DerFeinschmecker Olivenöl Guide, Alemanha, 2012 Selection

Selection Challenge, Germany, 2012 Award “Excellence”

Mario Solinas Contest / COI, 2011 Gold Medal

Oil China Competition, 2011 Grand Mention Intense

Concurso Nacional de Azeite, FNA, Santarém, 2011 Gold Medal

Premio Armonia / Trofeo Alma, Itália, 2011 Gran Menzione

Terra Olivo Competition, Israel, 2011 Gran Prestige Gold

Guia Flos Olei, Itália, 2011 Selection

XI Olivomoura, Moura, 2010 Gold Medal

Terra Olivo Competition, Israel, 2010 Prestige Gold

Best Portuguese Olive Oil

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    Quinta Vale do Conde Olive Oil

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