Quinta Vale do Armo


Tejo | Alentejo

Wine Styles:

White Wine | Rosé Wine | Red Wine


Quinta Vale do Armo, located in the North Ribatejo, just 4km outside the pretty village of Sardoal, affectionately known as the Garden Village, has the perfect micro-climate for the production of fine wines.

At the time of World War II, the estate was already established as a producer of wine. Not only in the production of wine that stood out, but also in linen, who gave his name "Quinta Vale do Armo", because the "Armo" is a piece that makes up the spindle, the instrument for weaving flax.

The years passed and the abandonment was inevitable, until in 2004 the estate was acquired with the dream of planting a vineyard.

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Products from this Producer (11)

  • Capela das Freiras Red

    Capela das Freiras Red

    Alentejo Red Wine
  • Vale do Armo Reserve

    Vale do Armo Reserve

    Tejo Red Wine
  • Sparkling

    Vale do Armo Sparkling

    Tejo White Wine
  • Valle Zangão Red

    Valle Zangão Red

    Tejo Red Wine
  • Valle Zangão White

    Valle Zangão White

    Tejo White Wine
  • Vila Jardim Red

    Vila Jardim

    Tejo Red Wine
  • Vila Jardim

    Vila Jardim

    Tejo Red Wine
  • Vila Jardim Reserve White

    Vila Jardim Reserve White

    Tejo White Wine
  • Vila Jardim Rosé

    Vila Jardim Rosé

    Tejo Rosé Wine
  • Vila Jardim Touriga Nacional

    Vila Jardim Touriga Nacional

    Tejo Red Wine
  • Vila Jardim White

    Vila Jardim White

    Tejo White Wine

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