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 Quinta dos Ingleses, by the oral tradition recounts, would have been in the nineteenth century, operated by an English family. Inserted in a predominantly agricultural region, in the same memory recalls the horses and "chariots" that the British displayed during their visits or transit, the surrounding localities. From what is known as the fifth of the British. In fact the British were never owners of the farm, it belonged to the House of Alémtem, the Viscounts of Alémtem.

In 1982 came the current owners.
Quinta dos Ingleses - Agro Indústria, S.A. is an Agro-Livestock Company that its shareholders, linked by family ties, be decided after the acquisition of that property. From their perspective, nothing better than a limited company of family character.

The fifth of the land together as a whole about 100 acres, of which about 80 are occupied by pastures and vineyards, and surrounded by the remaining 20 hectares forest area that match. It is an area of ​​irregular relief where you belong, in appropriately selected locations, corresponding to 10 000 m2 multiple pavilions and special facilities.

In these buildings, located sectors Dairy, Confectionery Station Wastewater Treatment and Biogas, and the Administrative and Commercial.

The activity of Quinta dos Ingleses is divided between areas:
- Agriculture, Dairy, Confectionery and Winery.

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  •  Junior Flamengo cheese

    Junior Flamengo cheese

  • Cured square cheese

    Cured square cheese

  • Flamengo cheese bar

    Flamengo cheese bar

  • Small cured cheese

    Small cured cheese

  • Small mixed cured cheese

    Small mixed cured cheese


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