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Porto and Douro

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White Wine | Red Wine


Being a personal project, the company is based on the knowledge and experience gained over a career spanning several years. The deep knowledge of the Douro, its people and its wines are the guarantee of consistency, quality and competitiveness of our brands.

Walking through winding roads, dirt paths and more or less steep slopes, stepping schist dust and mud for many years, composed of three winter months and nine out of hell, were decisive for the choice of where to develop the project.

The work that since the beginning of the career was developed with a number of producers allowed a mutual understanding, essential to lasting and fruitful collaboration.

Inevitably, even because the professional career, when we launched the project we had very clear that we would work with a range of products that would include Douro and Port wines.

In strategic terms we employed brands with strong identification with the wines and their characteristics. Thus arose the name Estopa encompassing white wines, rosés and reds from the Douro. Abastado brand was reserved for the range of highest quality Douro wines.


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Products from this Producer (3)

  • Estopa

    Estopa (2012)

    Porto and Douro White Wine
  • Estopa

    Estopa (2008)

    Porto and Douro Red Wine
  • Estopa Reserve

    Estopa Reserve (2007)

    Porto and Douro White Wine

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