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P&R gathers itself tradition and innovation. Inspired by the people of the North of Portugal breathes the DNA form a country with more than 900 years of history. Used to the adversity of life and his distance from the Center of Europe this region craved ambitious people and ready for the challenges of life and the history. The rst’s boat looking for the NEW WORLD came from here, never forgetting their origins. Over the centuries they’re able to give hands to new realities and learn to live with them. If this is the story of a population it’s also the story of our wine. Over the last ve years the project P&R was prepare to construct a solution turned to the exterior world where he can please with quality and eciency his clients. But for the project get on the distinctive line we can see from the beginning that is necessary go over the selective choice of the target markets because is necessary to deliver something that could be part os the social habits of his clients. The brand PAPO SECO mark it joins the first step in this process typically Portuguese. The distinctive image of his label, the bottle and nally his contents. The name PAPO SECO comes from a nickname from great-grandfather of one of the founders of P&R. He was a Man always linked to land and agricultural production, taking with her a respect that mirrored the way to go for their agricultural activities. Skinny but strong always dressed with a tie, that was the central point of the respect who nurtured for their land. From this odd gure was born the nickname PAPO SECO and the P&R immediately opted for choose that name to integrate his benchmark. In demand for a product to our initial portfolio we decided to have a noble grape of the region of Vinho Verde – The Loureiro. A wine made exclusively with this grape receives the freshness, the fruity aroma and youth that marks the Vinho Verde. Moreover, today the laurel is the distinctive grape of Vinho Verde it reaches a unique quality ally with his strong productive capacity and competitive prices. To produce the 2014 Loureiro we select the best existing productions of that year where the winemaker António Sousa was central. In fact, we believe that these wines will gain over the next years a strong expression in the export market considering the quality of their products and the unique expertise of professional winemaking.
The production of PAPO SECO is certicate based methods with the latest technology to ensure stability in the quality of our wine. Since the growth of grape so far to close our bottle with the top quality cork, we are sure that the client open at all times as a surprise that the mark and will retain our products. And we wanted to choose the best for the best, who are our customers! Thus, the Q & A began in 2014 your navigation around the world hoping that this long journey becomes itself also historic for the history of Vinho Verde.

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  • Papo Seco

    Papo Seco (2014)

    Vinho Verde White Wine

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