• Quinta das Apegadas
    Quinta das Apegadas


Quinta das Apegadas


Porto and Douro

Wine Styles:

White Wine | Rosé Wine | Red Wine


"Little by little an art was created and thus a proper boat, the rabelo, built to sail the river. The rabelo sailboats have something of a Phoenician vessel and of a Chinese junk: Phoenician because of its sturdy oar-shaped helm, the espadela, whose long wooden pole in the large boats needed to be handled by a dozen or more sailors in the dangerous descents of the river; and Chinese because of the high stern gallery, the apegada, from where those seamen manoeuvred the boat."

By Jaime Cortesão

At present "Apegadas" is more than the above mentioned platform. It is the name of the company "Quinta das Apegadas" Sociedade Agrícola Lda., producer of Douro wines which started being traded in April 2006. 



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  • Quinta das Apegadas

    Quinta das Apegadas

    Porto and Douro White Wine

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