Quinta do Espinho


Porto and Douro

Wine Styles:

White Wine | Rosé Wine | Red Wine


Covering an area of 25 ha, has been in the Macedo Pinto family for more than 250 years.
This family has been in the grape growing and winemaking business in the Douro region since the 18th century.

The “Quinta” still belongs to the family: two brothers, Joaquim de Macedo Pinto Peres Ventura and Alberto de Macedo Pinto Azevedo Gomes inherited it from their grandfather on their mother's side.

In the book “Devassa a que mandou proceder Sua Majestade no território do Alto Douro” by A. Mesquita e Moura, 1771-1775, page 1005, there is an excerpt of a letter written by Conde de Oeyras, Marquês de Pombal, dated 15th February 1755, in which itis mentioned that Ms. Luisa Maria da Silva, owner of Quinta do Espinho, sold 220 barrels (pipas) of wine to Mr.Nicolau Copque (Kopke).

The vineyards lie on the slopes of the Douro, in shale soil, at 75 up to 195 metres above river level.

The plantation system is in terraces, with one or two lines of vines northeast and westwards.

It has an exceptional logistic and strategic location, not only in terms of accessibility, but also, and mostly because of its potential, as far as grape growing, landscape and environment are concerned.

Quinta do Espinho has two types of land use:
- urban: several buildings, namely the Cellar and the main Storehouse, dating from the 18th century.
- rural: the vineyards, in terraces (traditional stonewalls), olive tree plantations and bush areas.

All the wine types are produced yearly at Quinta do Espinho.
There is also a small production of olive oil and honey of the highest quality.

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Products from this Producer (2)

  • Quinta do Espinho Red

    Quinta do Espinho Red (2009)

    Porto and Douro Red Wine
  • Quinta do Espinho Red Reserve

    Quinta do Espinho Red Reserve (2009)

    Porto and Douro Red Wine

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