• José Maria da Fonseca
    José Maria da Fonseca


José Maria da Fonseca


Península de Setúbal | Alentejo

Wine Styles:

White Wine | Rosé Wine | Red Wine | Moscatel & Fortified wines


José Maria da Fonseca, a 100% family company run by the 6th generation, is

one of the leaders in the wine production and sales of table and fortified wines in

Portugal. Includes a wide area of approximately 650 ha of land under vine, with

80% of its production destined to be exported.

Today José Maria da Fonseca wines are sold in over 70 countries.

Many of these wines are now highly popular both nationally and abroad and are

true ambassadors of our country. This success is the result of enormous human

and material investment and of José Maria da Fonseca’s constant capacity for

renewal. Throughout its history, the company has been able to preserve a precious

heritage without forgetting to stay up-to-date and meet standards of quality

consumers have come to expect, while continuing to surprise with every new step.

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