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Opta Wines is born focusing on foreign markets and international consumer, asserting itself for its originality and also the dynamism that makes it able to monitor trends and take part in world growth.

It is a brand designed to fly across the world, and take our "portugalidade" in each bottle, aiming to be the choice for the Portuguese Product abroad. Distinguished by the highly patriotic sense of the brand, the Opta name, derives from the word “option” with the purpose of encouraging the customer to opt for what is Portuguese, to opt for Portugal.

The Swallow is one of the most common birds in Portugal and can be found not only in the sky but also stylized in pottery and ceramics, hanging from balconies or even applied on facades. Throughout the twentieth century, the swallow became a popular symbol due to its cheerful, courageous and skillful nature, both traveling as faithful, returning in the spring, year after year, staying until the end of summer. Also for its romantic symbolism, connected with values ​​of home, family and loyalty, which in a lively and romantic way seems to portray the character of the Portuguese people, this animal has become a true national icon and symbol of the Portuguese home for its option to return each year to the same nest, the one built with mud and straw from this noble land. It opts for Portugal...

Products from this Producer (10)

  • Chão da Vinha

    Chão da Vinha

    Alentejo Red Wine
  • Opta Bairrada Red

    Opta Bairrada Red

    Bairrada Red Wine
  • Opta Bairrada Sparkling

    Opta Bairrada Sparkling

    Bairrada Sparkling Wine
  • Opta Dão Red

    Opta Dão Red

    Dão e Lafões Red Wine
  • Opta Dão Reserva

    Opta Dão Reserva

    Dão e Lafões Red Wine
  • Opta Dão Rosé

    Opta Dão Rosé

    Dão e Lafões Rosé Wine
  • Opta Dão Touriga Nacional

    Opta Dão Touriga Nacional

    Dão e Lafões Red Wine
  • Opta Dão White

    Opta Dão White

    Dão e Lafões White Wine
  • Opta Dão White Colheita Tardia

    Opta Dão White Colheita Tardia (2013)

    Dão e Lafões White Wine
  • Optão Dão Encruzado

    Optão Dão Encruzado

    Dão e Lafões White Wine

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