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Wine Ventures is a company with its operational base located in Lisbon – at Quinta da Romeira - which mission is to develop Brands, based on consumer preferences, with a commitment to take wine, as a category, closer to consumers, creating value to shareholders.

Quinta da Romeira is located in the heart of one of the oldest export wine regions, and the only DOC exclusive for white wines. Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, the Military genius behind the defense of the Peninsula against Napoleon, was himself surprised by the white wines of Bucelas, when he was in the region for the construction of the Lines of Torres Vedras. As a token of that appreciation, he sent them to the Prince of Wales. Jorge IV did enjoy them and start to call them Wines of Lisbon. The 3rd Earl of Castelo Melhor also sent the best to England and, in honor of Catarina de Bragança, Queen of England, created in Bucelas the “Morgado de Santa Catherina”, which has inspired our top of the range Wine.

Quinta da Romeira exists since 1703 and has received important guests like the Duke of Wellington and also Marquês de Pombal and his family, famous for his support of Wine and Exports - a good friend of Bucelas white wines.

Quinta da Romeira has 130 ha, 75 of which are vineyards, mainly of the Arinto grape variety, with this one being the biggest Arinto vineyard in the country. In addition to the area dedicated to vineyards, 50 ha of the Quinta da Romeira are dedicated to forest activity, apart from the 18th Century Manor house and its gardens. Wine Ventures has its own means of bottling and warehousing, with a current capacity exceeding 20.000 hl. Investments are taking place, both in terms of the conversion of vineyards, as well as in terms of modernising and expanding the technical and technological conditions. This will allow Quinta da Romeira to respond more effectively to market needs.

Products from this Producer (10)

  • Morgado de Santa Catherina

    Morgado de Santa Catherina

    Lisboa White Wine
  • Principium Cabernet Sauvignon / Touriga Nacional

    Principium Cabernet Sauvignon / Touriga Nacional (2012)

    Lisboa Red Wine
  • Principium Chardonnay / Arinto

    Principium Chardonnay / Arinto (2014)

    Lisboa White Wine
  • Principium Merlot / Touriga Nacional

    Principium Merlot / Touriga Nacional (2012)

    Lisboa Red Wine
  • Principium Rosé - Syrah/Alicante Bouschet

    Principium Rosé - Syrah/Alicante Bouschet (2014)

    Lisboa Rosé Wine
  • Prova Régia Arinto

    Prova Régia Arinto (2014)

    Lisboa White Wine
  • Prova Régia Reserva

    Prova Régia Reserva (2014)

    Lisboa White Wine
  • Quinta da Romeira Bruto 2012

    Quinta da Romeira Bruto 2012 (2012)

    Lisboa Sparkling Wine
  • Quinta da Romeira Bruto Nature 2012

    Quinta da Romeira Bruto Nature 2012 (2012)

    Lisboa Sparkling Wine
  • Quinta da Romeira White

    Quinta da Romeira White (2014)

    Lisboa White Wine

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