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SPLIT was born out of the shared passion of three friends and wine lovers, who often felt like drinking a glass of wine but couldn’t because the logistics of consumption weren’t easy, their tastes differed or simply because it wasn’t available.
With that in mind, they tried to find solutions, which were better adapted to a modern lifestyle, allowing for a personalised wine drinking experience suiting everyone’s needs.
They found the perfect solution: a ready-to-drink plastic wine cup, 187ml in size, unbreakable, easy to carry and which guarantees an almost identical wine drinking experience as with a traditional wine glass.
In a segment as specific as the wine sector, they were lacking the knowledge to move forward with the project.
They then decided to associate themselves with a family linked to the wine sector for the past 15 generations.
From this union of young entrepreneurs with Vinihold and Barão do Vilar came SPLIT, a brand that combines innovation and tradition and aims to ensure that quality wine can be consumed anytime and anywhere!


Products from this Producer (4)

  • Split Cabernet Sauvignon

    Split Cabernet Sauvignon

    Península de Setúbal Red Wine
  • Split Chardonnay

    Split Chardonnay

    Porto and Douro White Wine
  • Split Douro

    Split Douro

    Porto and Douro Red Wine
  • Split White

    Split White

    Península de Setúbal White Wine

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