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Caves da Montanha is dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of high quality wine and spirits, in the following categories: Sparkling wines Wines White spirits Liquers The long underground tunnels are our biggest attractions with a capacity of 3 million bottles, maintaining a temperature range of 2ºC. Heritage, passion for what we do, experience, technology and rigor are the ingredients. More than drinks, we produce moments of pleasure!

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Products from this Producer (16)

  •  Montanha -  Chardonnay and Arinto

    Montanha (2006)

    Bairrada Sparkling Wine
  • A. Henriques 70 anos

    A. Henriques 70 anos (2006 )

    Bairrada Sparkling Wine
  • Amendoa Amarga Liqueur

    Amendoa Amarga Liqueur

    Bairrada Liqueurs & Brandies
  • Conde de Serpa

    Conde de Serpa (2010)

    Alentejo Red Wine
  • Liquers - Licor Nacional

    Liquers - Licor Nacional

    Bairrada Liqueurs & Brandies
  • Montanha Love Pink

    Montanha Love Pink

    Bairrada Sparkling Wine
  • Montanha Real

    Montanha Real (2009)

    Bairrada Sparkling Wine
  • Montanha Reserve Premium

    Montanha Reserve Premium

    Bairrada Sparkling Wine
  • Montanha Superior - White - Brut & Half Dry

    Montanha Superior - White - Brut & Half Dry

    Bairrada White Wine
  • Monte do Enforcado

    Monte do Enforcado (2010)

    Alentejo Red Wine
  • Monte do Enforcado

    Monte do Enforcado (2010)

    Alentejo White Wine
  • Quinta da Gândara

    Quinta da Gândara Encruzado (2011)

    Dão e Lafões White Wine
  • Quinta da Gândara Reserve

    Quinta da Gândara Reserve (2010)

    Bairrada Red Wine
  • Trinca Espinhas Red

    Trinca Espinhas (2012)

    Porto and Douro Red Wine
  • Trinca Espinhas White

    Trinca Espinhas (2012)

    Vinho Verde White Wine
  • Vinha do Poeta

    Vinha do Poeta (2010)

    Dão e Lafões Red Wine

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