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Porto and Douro

Wine Styles:

White Wine | Red Wine


The winery is located in Quinta de Fundo de Vila, Barrô, Resende. It is a simple and functional building with three work levels: reception, fermentation and barrel storage. Welcomes visitors with advance booking.

The manual harvest of the white grapes is made by variety, using 15kg boxes. Grapes then pass through a selection conveyor table. They are crushed and ferment in stainless steel containers and oak barrels with controled temperature.

The manual harvest of the red grapes is planed and exectuded with separation of varieties. They are cut at the ideal point of maturation. Then and in the same day the grapes go through the selection table, the stalk remover with light crushing and the mass extracted falls down in traditional granitic lagares. Here they are foot treaded twice a day, macerate and ferment for some days.

The future finished product is first stored in stainless still tanks for the malolactic fermentation before further storage in new and used french oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months.

Products from this Producer (5)

  • Aneto Grand Reserve

    Aneto Grand Reserve (2009)

    Porto and Douro Red Wine
  • Aneto Red

    Aneto Red (2010)

    Porto and Douro Red Wine
  • Aneto white

    Aneto White

    Porto and Douro White Wine
  • Aneto white reserve

    Aneto White Reserve

    Porto and Douro White Wine
  • Aneto pinot noir

    Pinot Noir

    Porto and Douro White Wine

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